[PLAYLIST] Look There, Across the Pond Vol. 1

In which I pull select tracks from much larger playlists that highlight a certain mood or subject apart from the whole.

Let’s Bring Back #MusicMonday. A thing to know about me is that when I create a playlist, it never stays short and sweet. They are many hours and days long; impossible to appreciate in one sitting. After I create them with something or someone in mind, every song or album I find thereafter that fits gets dumped into it.

There is a shit ton of music out there in the world and with Spotify I have pretty easy, cheap (for me) access to it. So I get a little crazy with collecting artists and albums and tracks to soundtrack not only my real everyday life, but the one I live in my head as well. Music is very important to me, though I don’t have a very complicated relationship with it. I like what I like.

I thought I would share the journeys I go on in my head on my commute or when I’m working, writing, thinking or (should be) sleeping, here in small doses, track by track. Let’s bring back Music Mondays, yeah?


Look There, Across the Pond Vol. 1. These are 12 tracks from my playlist, More/Brit Rock Essentials. I’ve extracted them and placed them here in an effort to dissect the massive body that is the larger collection of bands and tunes. I’m starting here because More/Brit Rock Essentials is one of the first playlists I made when I joined Spotify. These songs remind me of being in my 20s, moving to New York and discovering a wide range of music right at the time that indie rock was just becoming popular again.

It seemed like indie bands were crawling out of the woodwork. Especially of the Brit rock variety. Music blogging was also a thing that everyone was doing, and I followed so many blogs and got turned on to so much music it made my head spin with the volume of it all. I also started going to gigs and doing my own small bit of blogging, so I would get press emails containing even more new music to throw into the pot. It all changed my musical life, man.

Collected here are some of the first bands I’d discovered during that time in the early to mid-aughts. Featuring my favorite, most listened to tracks. When I put these on, I think of being younger. I think of drinking and dancing and falling in love with life and the city through mostly un-jaded eyes. It makes me happy to remember.

Listen to: [PLAYLIST] Look There, Across the Pond Vol.1