[PLAYLIST] Hold On to the Night Vol. 1

In which I pull select tracks from much larger playlists that highlight a certain mood or subject apart from the whole.

Let’s Bring Back #MusicMonday. Halloween is coming up this weekend. Used to be I thought of spending loads of money on some weird costume and traipsing around out and about in the cold and the crowds. But I’m too old for that shit now. All I want to do is sit down in my own home, where it’s warm, with a glass of wine, a few scary movies and some good, moody music to fall asleep to. If that sounds like a better plan to you, come on in.

Hold On to the Night Vol. 1 This time, the mother playlist I pulled tracks from is of the same name, and home to almost 400 songs. I began it a couple of years ago after watching the horror film The Conjuring, and hearing a song called “In the Room Where You Sleep” by Dead Man’s Bones.

Sidebar: Did you know that actor Ryan Gosling had a band? And that in 2009, they put out an album intended to be the soundtrack to a play about a love story between a monster and a ghost? The music is haunting and youthful, backed by the Silverlake Conservatory of Music’s children’s choir and shored up by some pretty impressive vocals. Read about it here.

The song lead me to the album, and the album stirred a somber, pining mood in me. I wanted something to listen to that would conjure the atmosphere of eerie, moonlit nights. Of a young couple walking hand in hand on those nights; becoming separated in an ominous, thick, white fog. Of creeps crawling around in the shadows. Of the haunting of innocents by whatever fantastic evil come to destroy their love. Of fucking heartbreak, horror, fear, and tragedy.

Halloween has become a solitary space in time where everything turns inward for me. The leaves change and I molt.

I’ve pulled these 22 tracks in order to settle firmly in that place of cold comfort just in time for the holiday spirit. Listen to this fucking thing; let it pull your heart out. Turn yourself inward and brood like there will be no tomorrow to bring light that sheds upon the shadows lingering. I think we’ve earned our darker nature a moment in time to run amok.

Listen to: [PLAYLIST] Hold On to the Night Vol. 1