[TOP FIVE] Wasteland, Baby! Turns 1: Here Are My Top 5 Tracks

Irish-born singer-songwriter Hozier released Wasteland, Baby! exactly one year ago this month (as of March 1st). For me, that album was very impactful. Here are five of my favorite tracks from his sophomore masterpiece. Let’s bring back #MusicMonday …

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# 1 “Sunlight” Hozy at his grandest: the most epic, expansive track in the bunch. #2 “Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples)” Hozy at his wokest: the most searingly soulful first single. #3 “As It Was” Hozy at his most melancholic: a heartbreakingly romantic cut. #4 “Dinner & Diatribes” Hozy at his horniest: the most intensely sexy song on the album. #5 “ShrikeHozy at his most reverent: the worshipful plea of a murderous bird.

Honorable Mentions: Not included on the full-length album, but the 2018-released single EP Nina Cried Power, are another two of my favorite Hozier tracks:

“NWFMB” Hozy at his dreamiest: the most beautifully delicate dedication to a powerful love. “Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)” Hozy at his cheekiest: the most raucous celebration of oral sex imaginable.

Wasteland, Baby! is so good, when it was released, it woke me back up to immersive musical experiences found both in the expertly arranged recorded tracks as well as the phenomenally energetic live performances given by Hozier and his band during his year-long North American tour. It inspired me to specially curate and record ten playlists of my favorite songs to cassette tape, which I had intended to gift to the man himself.

Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen. I did, however, take that inspiration and run with it creatively. The tapes project turned into The Tapes Podcast, which will be premiering on March 16th, one day before Hozier’s 30th birthday (and St. Patrick’s day)!

Join us on March 16th to say “Happy Birthday Hozy” and congratulate him on the phenomenal success of Wasteland, Baby!! Listen to our premiere episode on Anchor.fm


Bonus – Watch: “Jackboot Jump – Live” by Hozier

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  1. Hmm, trying to think what my top 5 from Wasteland, Baby would be. I’ll say, 1) No Plan, 2) Talk, 3)Movement, 4) Shrike, and 5) Nina Cried Power. Bless you, Queen Mavis!

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