[LISTEN] The Tapes Podcast: Episode 01 “Day Cruise”

It’s our series premiere episode y’all! Let’s bring back #MusicMonday

Hey now! Twin # 1, Kenya speaking here to let you know about the show. This podcast is a post mortem of sorts … to examine the personal journey I went on with this project, during which I rediscovered the extinct practice of curating, recording and gifting mixtapes to people you care about.

Over the course of the series: We’ll touch on the many times I abandoned the project and the many times I picked it back up again. We’re gonna talk about the project’s down to the wire completion … but more than that, obviously, we’re gonna talk about the music!

In the episode: We kick off the show by examining the beginning of my personal journey with The Tapes project. We discuss (or, OK, shamelessly fangirl over) the inspiration and intended recipient of The Tapes, one phenomenal singer-songwriter: the very Irish, and very talented, Andrew John Hozier-Byrne.

Today, one day before his birthday, during the month of the one-year anniversary of the release of his sophomore album Wasteland, Baby!, I reveal what the hell I was thinking when the impact of that record compelled me to make The Tapes. And, later in the show, Kendra and I reminisce on our own past history with making mixtapes, dive into tracks from the first tape in the set – “Driving Down Dusty Terrain – Day Cruise”, and discuss its theme and song arrangement.

Let’s get started!

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The first tape in the set is meant to emulate that kind of drowsy, buzzy energy people have when they wake up early and get on the road. Just picture rolling down a bright stretch of road through a “dusty terrain” where the air is dry and warm. You’ll feel alive.

*Scan and Listen to: The Songs of “Driving Down Dusty Terrain – Day Cruise”



In our next episode: Journey through the tunes on “Driving Down Dusty Terrain – Joy Ride” when we go from cruising at the break of dawn to joyriding at high noon and continue the story of The Tapes.

Tune in: Monday, April 13th!

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