[LISTEN] The Tapes Podcast: Episode 02 “Joy Ride”

Hey now! FINALLY, it’s our second episode y’all! Let’s bring back #MusicMonday

To start, we’re so sorry for the delay! As you might understand since we’re all coping with unforeseen circumstances that have thrown us all off course in our day to day lives, COVID-19 is a serious issue that is affecting us all in a myriad of ways that include how we operate creatively. Without going on and on about it, we just want to say that if you have chosen to listen to our little show in order to pass some time while we’re all stuck inside, we really appreciate it and hope that this silly podcast provides some entertainment during these uncertain times. And thank you for listening!

In the episode: We discuss how this project had me (Kenya) grappling with insecurity and losing confidence many times — and actually almost giving up on it altogether.

We also talk about the re-emergence of recording mixes to cassettes as a not-so-surprising trend among elder millennials, who’ve been looking to surf the next wave of nostalgia since the vinyl record came back around.

So, let’s get started!

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The second tape in the set is meant to follow right behind the first leg of your journey. The first side of this tape represents simple contentment, where you might reflect on where you’re at in the world, though you’re not too inclined to carry the weight of it. You are weightless and unbothered. In other words, this is the part of a long road trip that doesn’t suck.

*Scan and Listen to: The Songs of “Driving Down Dusty Terrain – Joy Ride”



In our next episode: Journey through the tunes on “Grow Up and Blow Away” when we’ll bask in the glow of the setting sun as we continue to tell the story of The Tapes.

Tune in: Monday, May 4th!

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