[LISTEN] The Tapes Podcast: Episode 03 “Grow Up and Blow Away”

Hey now! It’s our third episode y’all! Let’s bring back #MusicMonday …

This is a longer one than originally intended, so settle in! It’s also our favorite episode so far, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as loved recording it!

In this episode, Kendra and I talk about how seeing Hozier live for the first time injected new life back into the practically abandoned mixtape project. We gush about the absolutely phenomenal performances from the singularly talented artist and his touring line-up of equally talented band members. We wax on about his charisma and the thrill of witnessing him making live music right in front of us and how those elements fit into creating the perfect immersive musical experience.

Also, we reminisce about our first brushes with going to see live music during our sheltered adolescence and discuss how these instances shaped us as music lovers.

And, later in the show, we dive into the third tape in the set, “Grow Up and Blow Away”. We talk about the idea behind its theme, the reasons behind the song choices on the tape, and why they’re arranged the way they are …

Ok, let’s get started!

Listen to: The Tapes Podcast Ep. 03

Watch, Read and Listen: What’s in the Show

This is one of our favorite mixes in the set of tapes. Though it’s not included in the mix, the name is taken from the Metric album and song. Despite the title track’s very dower lyrical narrative, the song is so poppy and upbeat! And this kind of contrast is one of our favorite things to hear. We think it’s also one of Hozier’s favorite things to play with in his music. This mix has all of the high-energy bops! The first side of the tape is our favorite; the songs cover everything from expressing inner childhood through art and the thrilling confusion of falling in love to watching the world turn with the changing of the seasons. There is a feeling of progression and growth, but also of the nostalgia of viewing the world through the lens of youth.

Listen to: The Songs of “Grow Up and Blow Away”



In our next episode: Get lost with us on a spiritual detour through the tunes on “Driving Through The Back Woods – Hour of Power” where we will revel in the Word, and continue to tell the story of The Tapes.

Tune in: Monday, June 1st! 

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