[LISTEN] Detour 02 – Aloud On “Sprezzatura”

This episode was recorded and edited before the events of George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing protest movements all across the nation. As Black women, we have a lot to say about it. All of it. Stay tuned for a special two-part episode where we lay it all out there – about oppression, why Black Lives Matter, and how protest music is inspired by, inspires, and preserves The Fight – coming soon. In the meantime, here’s how we are getting involved so you can, too.

In this episode, we’re talking with our good friends Jen and Henry, who are married and both front the amazing, Boston-raised rock band Aloud. 

They just released their fifth studio album, Sprezzatura, and we’ll be listening to some tracks off the new release, plus talking about the making of the album and what it’s like to promote yourself as a rock band during a pandemic.

Listen to: The Tapes Podcast Detour 02 – Aloud on “Sprezzatura”

Bonus – Watch: Aloud, “Hungry Land”

In our next episode: Get lost with us on a spiritual detour through the tunes on “Driving Through The Back Woods – Hour of Power” where we will revel in the Word, and continue to tell the story of The Tapes

This two-part episode will explore the undeniable roots of the American musical landscape in the black experience planted by black creators, innovators, and activists. We will discuss the role of activist artists, especially those white artists who may be established allies like Hozier, or not. We ask: “What do those that benefit from the historical contribution and influence of black people on popular music owe to our people?” And we answer: “They owe nothing less than to pay forward what they have reaped from their success, especially from the wallets of black fans.” Nothing less will do in the fight to save black lives.

Please join us on the first Monday of July, as we hash out this very complicated issue in our own voices.

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