[LISTEN] Detour 02 – Aloud On “Sprezzatura”

This episode was recorded and edited before the events of George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing protest movements all across the nation. As Black women, we have a lot to say about it. All of it. Stay tuned for a special two-part episode where we lay it all out there – about oppression, why Black Lives Matter, and how protest music is inspired by, inspires, and preserves The Fight – coming soon. In the meantime, here’s how we are getting involved so you can, too.

[LISTEN] Detour 01 – In Memoriam: “The Lost Tapes”

This past Memorial Day was, for us, actually all about about friends as chosen family. We were able to gather (remotely) and parse through our fondest memories of two of our favorite people, who we tragically lost too soon. Join us in celebrating their memories while listening to tunes from The Lost Tapes in their honor. Let’s bring back #MusicMonday …